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It’s time to relax.

It’s time to feel, to play, to be!

Welcome to Pachawa Retreatcenter. It’s time to relax. It’s time to feel, to see, to be!


Wir sehen uns nicht als Eigentümer dieses Landes, sondern als die Hüter von Pachawa. Die Natur, ein Land, kann man nicht besitzen.

Das Land schenkt uns ein zu Hause, Wasser und Essen. Pachawa zeigt uns was Fülle ist, was Schönheit ist, was Sicherheit ist, was Geben bedeutet, was Vielfalt bedeutet, was Frieden bedeutet.

Meet Us

With the heartfelt vision of creating a healing retreat center, we set off with our three children to experience life at existing retreat centers, and to find the land that we would manifest our dream on.

One year later, we arrived in the west coast of Portugal, and started Pachawa.

We do not see ourselves as the owners of the land, but rather the ‚keepers‘ of this beautiful piece of paradise. We protect and nurture it, and in return it shows us the true meaning of beauty, abundance and safety.

About Pachawa.

The Pachawa Retreat Center is a place for you to connect with yourself and remember what it means to be alive … for real.

Surrounded by breathtaking nature and the option to engage with the community, it ’s a place where growth, reconnection and transformation can take place. Here, in the silence and stillness, your inner voice can be heard loud and clear. Your projects can sprout and grow. You can experience the safety and stability of your feet in the soil.

In this place, hearts open up – and love starts flowing again. 

Silence & inner peace

Here at Pachawa, we are creating a new normal. 
Vision: to be an example and inspiration for others to live in harmony with their own true nature and the Earth.
  • We facilitate land regeneration using Permaculture Design to sustain our community with nourishing food and natural medicine.
  • We maintain the land using sustainable methods in order to provide space for others to come and heal, to create a thriving culture based in harmony, compassion and integrity.
Instead of wishing that the world could go back to what it used to be (before COVID, before climate change etc.) we are choosing to reshape, reimagine and redesign the way that we coexist with each other and the natural world around us.

A place for healing through nature and community

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